March 2017



The history of this Roman dish is vague. Some say it is named after the coal workers of the region as the black pepper resembles coal. Other theories include charcoal flecks in the pot, coming from the fire it was cooked in. 

The Da Maria version is made with egg yolk, house cured pancetta, pecorino and parsley. The dish is finished with cured egg yolk and more pecorino.

To make the sauce, the raw egg yolk is beaten with pecorino and seasoned with salt and pepper. The pancetta is cut into thin strips and fried until crispy. Spaghetti straight from cooking is added to the egg mixture and quickly stirred as the egg cooks, coating the pasta. Serve immediately.



As a venue with disco in it’s heart we can’t look past this seminal New York DJ.  A legendary inspiration for decades on decades of DJs and music lovers, Levan held a ten year residency through the late 70s and 80’s at the Paradise Garage (NYC) a disco mecca commonly referred to the as the protoype of modern clubbing.  This DJ and club were responsible for turning songs from that period into certified hits and our music hero – who sadly passed away in 1992 at the young age of 38 –  had an emotive way of playing records that no-one has really ever come close to since



Using traditional Italian flavours the no.242 is a refreshing aperitivo combining a mixture of orange and lemon with a house made grapefruit cordial, fortified with gin and Campari then shaken with basil and topped with soda

40 mls gin
20 mls Campari
10 mls orange
10 mls lemon
10 mls grapefruit cordial
5-8 basil leaves
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously to activate the basil
Double strain not a tall glass with cubed ice and top with soda
Garnish with an orange half wheel and a basil leaf